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Corinn was surrounded by powerful people in a Kingdom of long ago. Corinn had a heart and faith in her family that would propel her into action to stop the evil Prince. This is one of the best books I have read and THANK Judy Lennington for her best book so far! If you have not read her books take a little time and try this one. It will warm your heart and make you want to read more of her books! Mike Fisher May 10, 2017
-5/5 Amazon, R.Michael Fisher

It was good but not as good as Twin Mirror by judy Lennington.
-5/5 Amazon, barbara j clark​​

Since I drove a school bus in that area, most of the area was familiar to me. That made it really interesting. I have read 5 of her books so far and the old brick was my favorite. I have never met Mrs. Lennington yet but I hope to soon. Dollie Sadler
-5/5 Amazon, Amazon Customer