Unlikely Alliances

Rebecca stood scratching her head as she looked up at the high walls of the fort. Her hair was beginning to grow back. She could not removed her bonnet. No one must see her bald head, for they would surely make the connection to the woman who escaped the mental sanitarium. She took a deep breath to prepare herself for her meeting with the General. The Lieutenant said he was a fair man, this General George Washington.

Bend in the River

Jack Gideon's life changed after his mother died. He and his father now live with his grandparents in a small house built from the wood of a raft his great-grandparents floated down the Ohio River on and settled where the river bends. There are several homes in this community known as Wellsville, Ohio. Jack is the only eight-year-old living here. He is bullied by the older boys and teased by the girls. Then, one day, an Irish immigrant family settles in Wellsville and Jack befriends an older boy who changes his life forever.

Equine Empire

Equine Empire is the fourth of a four-book series about Carly Brooker, a thoroughbred horse breeder, and his dysfunctional family. Like "Snow," "Daffodils," and "Bluegrass Dynasty," the story of Carly's insecurities and inadequate abilities to cope with everyday life on a thoroughbred horse farm in Kentucky, continues to bring Carly Brooker full circle to where he was always meant to be.


Corinna flushed at the recollection of the handsome Lieutenant Guthrie when he called her Corinn. She was angry with Master Malone for using the pet name when referring to her. Somehow, it sounded different coming from the Lieutenant. She lifted the wooden stick and held it out perfectly straight. She must practice her fencing skills, in secret, for her mother disapproved. She wanted to be proficient with the sword. She wanted to be more like her father and brother, Martin. Her dreams were not that of a lady, but more of a member of the Royal Guard.


Deb sat with the newspaper in her lap. The article describing her auto accident in Mont Alto referred to her as the lady with angels riding in her back seat, who woke from a coma after being pronounced dead and placed in a body bag. The front-page article talked about the strange lights in the sky that night, but there was no mention of them in the article about her. What were they? Who were the four strangers who appeared at the accident and chanted a prayer for her? How is it that she now has abilities she did not have before, such as moving objects with her mind and healing people with her touch.

The Old Brick

Drew hated living in the city. He was happy when they made him postmaster in a small rural area in Ohio. At first, he was concerned about raising his children in the area after finding six pictures of missing children in a drawer at the Post Office. It was comforting when he learned that the pictures dated as far back as 1950 and he assumed there was no danger to his own children at the present time. He loved the old farm house they were renting. However, he was concerned for the safety of the homeless family, and their children, who moved into the old brick house across the creek. It was not a safe environment for the children he saw playing inside the abandoned house.